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a tip...

Bericht door Magoo_Sweden » 01 sep 2015 06:36

How about a pricewinning buggy AND camper/trailer/teardrop for only 80000 SEK (€8400)
http://www.blocket.se/helsingborg/Unik_ ... a=23_3&w=3" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

A friend of mine has TOTALLY lost his mind and are selling!
This is a pricewinning buggy... 2 top prices in 2 shows!

well built.. with features like a hardtop, yaris digital speedo, tilting steering column...

The camper has features such as a rear view camera connected to the buggy (shows in the popup stereo), separate storage area and so on..

Did not know where to place this, but could not let people miss this opportunety. If I only had more storagespace I would buy it!
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