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Geplaatst: 05 mei 2011 04:35
door Manx102
Thank you John for the links to your pictures.

Geplaatst: 17 mei 2011 06:52
door Manx102
Gert, I met Bruce and Winnie once back in August 2006 at their Sunday morning "Manx Club Breakfast". It was so great to be able to meet and talk with him finally. I did not have the Manx with me, but I brought an album of our Manx pictures and he really seem to enjoy looking at them especially the ones of our Baja Manx trips. As he look at them he told alot of great stories about his adventures in the different parts of Baja where are pictures were taken. After breakfast I was invited to his home and a tour of Meyers Manx central. It was great seeing all the history of Meyers Manx Inc. from the past, present and future all in one building. Really a fantastic day and memory for me.
Have you had a chance to me him?
A couple of pictures from that day.
Bruce at the head of the table. The next picture is Bruce's Manxter DualSport buggy in his shop.

Geplaatst: 19 mei 2011 02:41
door Manx102
Gert schreef:I feel so stupid about that all
Don't feel too bad Gert. I had thought before I met Bruce of a lot of good questions to ask him. But when it came time to ask him some of my questions my mind just went blank. So even though I spoke to him and had the camera for pictures. I still feel stupid for not asking what I thought would be interesting questions for Bruce to answer. Hopefully someday we both will get another chance. :wink: :)